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Villa Las Elidas

Coronado, Panama Oeste

Taking advantage of the slightly uneven topography of the land, we opted to develop a simple and pure project. Keeping the existing trees, we located the footprint of the building in an “L” shape, placing the rooms towards the east side so that in this way they would receive the morning sun.

The social area located in the middle, creates the perfect transition between the exterior and the interior, opening towards the patio and the pool.

The vegetation has to be an important part of the design of this house, and at the same time, it would frame the experience of the spaces. We achieved this by making the common areas open in their entirety to the patio, creating a communication between the open and closed spaces.

The experience of the interior space also plays a fundamental role in the design, from natural lighting to materiality. We choose neutral textures and finishes that give harmony and serenity to the house, since being large spaces, we seek to create a balance with the green tones provided by the green areas.


Typology: House

Year: 2021

Area: 350 sqm

Status: In process


Design team:

Nadine Sam

Jose Isturain

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