El Cangrejo,  Panama City

Located at El Cangrejo, Panama City, the proposal seeks to recycle an illegal element, in this case an advertising post located in the public space. We plan a new use for it, a new urban furniture.

Close to this post, is located one of the most attractive and popular cafes in the neighborhood: Mentiritas Blancas, which brings activity to the Gaspar Hernández Street.

They have become a meeting point for the community and for this reason we consider that this project could be really positive for both people the visit MB and for people that live here a need a place to sit. 

It's important to mention that there is no place to sit on this street.

The central idea is to rethink this element and turn it into a new urban furniture.

We will use metal tubes to create 3 extensions, inspired on tree branches. One for sitting, another for standing -as a coffee bar- and another for lean on.

It's a subtle intervention in the existing urban landscape.

The recovery of public space does not necessarily have to be only through large-scale interventions, with small actions -urban acupuncture- positive changes can be initiated within our neighborhoods.

This urban element starts from an illegality to reinterpret it and give it a new use for the people within the public space.

Typology: Furniture

Year: 2021

Status: Conceptual


Design team:

Jose Isturaín

Nadine Sam