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Green Bridge

Cerro Sosa, Panamá

Panama is known as one of the most important maritime sites as it is a key point in global trade routes due to the interoceanic canal, but many times it overlooks the fact that it is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity on the continent, hosting more than 10,000 species of plants, 2,000 species of animals, and with approximately 35% of its territory as a natural reserve.


The new Nature Interpretation Center is located on Cerro Sosa, one of the great green remnants that still maintains proximity to the historic center of the city and to the reserve of the Canal watershed. Elevated 83 meters above sea level, Cerro Sosa marks the entrance or exit of the Canal, bringing back that connection with nature that has been lost over time.


The building, which arises as a re-interpretation of the ancient Roman aqueducts, proposes a distribution of public and private spaces inserted in a structural grid that rises above the existing natural foliage, making the construction phase less invasive, thus reducing the building's footprint on the natural soil and its negative impact on it.


The corrugated metal roof, is a clear call to the architecture of the Old Canal Zone, and the perforations in it will allow sunlight and rainwater to integrate almost naturally with the building. Similarly, the connecting ramp uses ornamental blocks, another element very typical of tropical architecture. The center will be a great ally in the search for a balance between the growth of the city and the protection of our fauna and flora.

Typology: Competition

Year: 2020

Area: 1,500 sqm

Status: Finished





Design team:

Pablo Martiz *

Gustavo Santamaria *

Jose Isturain



Nadine Sam


* in collaboration with


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