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Wildfires or Bushfires are by their very nature difficult to predict and control. Its extinction is a formidable task.


Waterbulbs, was born from the observation of how the classic sprinklers and the spoon splash under the faucets works.  

The adaptation of the idea makes it work effectively and passively integrating in the landscape. It´s made of a steel cone-form that will contain the water supported by a steel tree-form structure. At the tip of the cone, there is a special membrane that resist vandalism but  disintegrates at high temperatures caused by the bushfires, allowing water to escape. In its lower part lies a spoon-form plate that as the water falls, it hit this plate and give rise to a dome shaped water membrane. This will cover a radius that´ll be capable of extinguish the fire.

The idea is to create a grid that will control the spread of the wildfire.


Being a passive response to fire control, the economic and environmental impact is highly positive, since the device would offer the possibility of reducing fire in less time, making the security task forces minimize the expense of resources.


The ethereal presence of these artificial beings in the landscape makes them become part of it over time. Even some animals like birds will be able to use the container as natural pools over the forest dozel.


Wildfires are now, part of the ecosystem because of the climate change, so we need to start thinking of posibles solutions to protect our forest, we need to create an architecture that fights fire.


Typology: Competition

Year: 2020

Status: Finished



Arch Out Loud

Design team:

Jose Isturain

Hector Ayarza



Ambar Calvo

Alvaro Guerra



Nadine Sam

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