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Villa 55

San Carlos, Panama Oeste

El Valle Village residential complex is located in the community of El Espino, on the main road to El Valle de Antón, and about 3.5 kilometers from the Pan-American highway.

This project is designed to disconnect from the city routine, and its program responds to a family made up of 4 inhabitants (mother, father and sisters).

The house  is made up of two main blocks joined by a central core. In this core is the main hall, which connects the private area (bedrooms) with the social area (kitchen, living room, dining room and terrace).


This hall creates a visual axis with the garden of the house, and gives the impression of being closed  when you are entering the house. However when you enter, it is completely open, ensuring that this area always remains naturally ventilated and provides that feeling of being outside-inside at the same time. ​

The first stage includes three bedrooms, but an additional guest room will be add in a second stage. This is done without interrupting the main gesture of the house, which is opening towards its garden.


The client did not want to include a dining area inside the house, mainly to maintain that connection with the outside. ​

Typology: House

Year: 2024

Area: 110 sqm

Status: in progress


Design team:

Nadine Sam

Jose Isturain

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