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The Circle: Atlantic Beach Boardwalk

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, Unites States


The Atlantic Beach Boardwalk, is a 83,000 square feet  public space along the Atlantic Beach at North Carolina, USA.


The Boardwalk. 

The main idea for the new boardwalk was to connect the beach to all the existing entrances. That gives us 5 beach access that would be named after important people that define the history of the Boardwalk. The new platform is raised 3 feet from the existing level, this allows us to create a series of entrance and exit ramps, and stairways that will be used as seating spaces facing the beach.


We include a vertical element, the Lifeguard-Watchtower, and the idea is that it functions as a space that holds the lifeguard facilities and additionally has a viewpoint at the top of the tower. It will include a system of wind turbines to generate wind power.

The Pavilion

For the pavilion we proposed a simple large roof and a wood-steel structure, that will provide shade for all visitors and will be a space used not only for concerts but also for events such as weddings, celebrations, fairs, presentations and art exhibitions. It includes a commercial space that could be used as a cafeteria and a kiosk for small items as magazines, newspapers and snacks. The roof will hold solar panels and a rainwater collector system.


The Circle

Despite not being part of the project, we decided to include it because we feel that it is the connection between all points. The concrete wall that protect the septic tank drain field seems needs to be integrated to the project, so we focuses on a landscape intervention. Inside the walls, we propose some plants and flowers that can grow without affecting the system and that generate pleasant odors. In addition, we propose a circular-raised platform that can be used as an observation deck or a place for jogging or hang out. (the instagramable space!)

The Point

For this area we propose to connect both spaces through a raised pedestrian platform. The first triangle will be a rain garden and the other one, will have a playground and a public plaza for temporary events (fairs, exhibitions, etc.)

20220114_Plan Layout.004.jpeg

Typology: Competition

Year: 2022

Area: 7,700 sqm

Status:  Submitted


The Town of Atlantic Beach


Design team:

Jose Isturain

Nadine Sam

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