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Namai Tautos

Vilnius, Lithuania

The new Vilnius National Concert Hall in Lithuania sits atop the Tauras hill. From here you can see the entire city of Vilnius, generating an axis that goes from the municipality to Lukiškės square, ending in the old evangelical cemetery.


As a call to memory, we try to maintain the volume of the existing building by placing the Main Hall in its footprint. We divide the program into three volumes: the two concert halls and the public activities. The visual axis that crosses the project and the mountain, translates into the main access to the building, generating a large "fissure" between the volumes.


Two main trigger points are proposed, one in the east (exhibition and educational area) and one in the west (in response to the landing point for private vehicles).


The plasticity of the project calls for traditional wooden houses in Lithuania.


Typology: Competition

Year: 2019

Area: 22,685 sqm

Status: Finished



Vilnius City Municipality


Design team:

Jose Isturaín

Nadine Sam

María Arias*

Amanda Tenorio*

Juan Cáceres*

Nicky Holness*


*  in collaboration with

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