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Ornamental Follie

It is an experimental intervention on the public space. The idea is to generate a new kind of "urban tree", using a grid of breeze blocks -a prefabricated concrete piece- as the main element in the 5 facades.


The project seek to reflect the idea of ​​generating -or regenerating- a new ecosystem from a non-natural element, which would adapt over the years to become part of the landscape.


Ornamental-Follie is the re-interpretation of existing elements in the city, mainly in the Panama Canal Zone, where gas tanks or garbage cans were hidden behind structures that used the breeze blocks as an enclosure.

Typology: Urban design

Year: 2012

Area: 25 sqm

Status: Conceptual


Design team:

Hector Ayarza

Jose Isturaín



Kenny Valdespino



Nadine Sam

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