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C. 76 Este & C. Guillermo Trujillo, San Francisco, Panama City

Dogaholic is a pet business based in Panama City. It began as an online store in 2017, and six years later, they decided to transform it into a physical store with new services to spoil their four-legged clients.

The project is situated in an old residence. We chose to utilize the common areas for the store’s exhibition space, while the rooms serve as zones for grooming, a hotel, a playroom, and a multi-purpose office.

The entrance is through the store. Using custom furniture, we visually integrated all the spaces based on the brand’s color palette. This central area interacts with the grooming zone, kitchen, and hotel. The former kitchen of the house now serves as a small café or waiting area for dog parents.

Continuing with the color dynamics, the hotel’s facilities and aesthetics aim to create a spontaneous and pleasant environment for the recreation and rest of the dogs.

We decided to reinterpret the covered terrace as the play area, connecting it to the front garden and patio.

This project remains true to the brand’s ideals and identity while also providing the warmth of a second home for our furriest family members.

A unique project for unique clients.

Casa Dogaholic_ISO leyenda.png.001.png

Typology: Interior design

Year: 2023

Area: 300 sqm

Status: built


Design team:

Nadine Sam

Jose Isturain

Built by:

Farrugia Construcciones

Eléctricos FC



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