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A house for Ally

Altos del María, Panama Oeste

A plenty vegetation and an incredible view of Cerro Picacho are the main features of this 1800 sqm plot of land located in Altos del María.

For more than a decade, its owners didn't have the opportunity to carry out their dream project, a refuge inserted in this beautiful landscape. The initial idea was always to build a small house, which would serve as a place to rest and disconnect from the routine.

Under this premise, we decided to use the only area that doesn't have trees to locate the project.

The view to Cerro Picacho was essential for the owners, we worked with an L-shaped form, that opens completely towards the hill.

Typology: House

Year: 2022

Area: 165 sqm

Status: built


Design team:

Nadine Sam

Jose Isturain


Jose T. Isturaín

Administración de Obra: 

Gladys Tejada de Isturaín

Gestión de Obra: 

Edgar Isturaín

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