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Prado Balboa

Balboa, Panama

How do we reactivate this public space?


Within the old Canal Zone you can find various public spaces that have significant urban value, however, their use is still limited.


Due to its centenary, it was decided to make an intervention proposal that seeks to reactivate this magnificent public space.


The Prado-Balboa is a project that consists of the reorganization of uses in the buildings that are along the Prado, reactivating the ground floor, for commercial use such as: cafes, restaurants, shops, bookstores, etc.


It is proposed to pedestrianize the streets parallel to the Prado, inserting a bike path. The Administration Building, one of the most emblematic buildings in Panama City, intends to turn it into a Museum, reactivating and creating a meeting point with greater interest than the current one.

Typology: Urban Design

Year: 2013

Status: Completed


Design team:

Hector Ayarza

Victoria Adames

Jose Isturain



Julia Aguilera



Nadine Sam

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