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Re-naturalizing Albrook

Albrook, Panama


Albrook's new [green-blue] infrastructure will consist of an interconnected system of natural and semi-natural areas existing in the zone, combined with nature-based measures to build Albrook's resilience to climate change threats.


Its components include open green spaces, retention ponds, sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS), green roofs, berm-parks, inclusive community gardens, among others. This should be complemented with a series of non-structural measures that strengthen shared governance through the construction of policies tailored to the needs of the community in order to reduce and mitigate the risks of disasters related to climate change.


A valuation of the ecosystem as cultural, environmental and landscape heritage of Albrook, which seeks an urban cohesion through the integration of natural, social and cultural elements.

Typology: Competition

Year: 2019

Status:  1st place





Design team:

Gary Ambeths *

Nerys Gaitan *

Jose Isturain



Nadine Sam


*  in collaboration with

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